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How do I find out the most up to date info on games?

15 September 2013 - 03:24 PM

In the last few years Social Media has really exploded in its use and with most people switching to "Smart Phones" with almost instant updates sent to them from Twitter and Facebook and the like ... it has become the prefered way for many to get information.

Instead of having to go and look something up... announcements and posts are sent directly to you!

So we urge you to check out our facebook page often... and like it to get announcements and updates as soon as we post them!

So check us out on Facebook at : https://www.facebook.../citadelairsoft

And remember to "Like" our page... then under the "Like option, make sure "Get notifications and "Show in Newsfeed" are checked as well!

Never miss out on a skirmish or special event again!!!!

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Contagion Z This Sunday Night (04-14-13)

09 April 2013 - 02:50 PM

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08 March 2013 - 06:05 PM

Our lot is not plowed properly and with heavy snow expected until the evening its too hazardous for people to risk driving for a game.

We are open for 2 sessions on Saturday and Sunday!

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3rd Annual Team Grinch vs Team Santa on 12/30/12

30 December 2012 - 12:31 AM

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Event cost is $30 and no membership is required.

+++++ NOTE+++++

$5.00 OFF if you come as one of the cast of characters!!!!*

* Pre-approved characters only!

Team Santa characters and players must wear a Santa Hat (any color)
We will be having our annual post Christmas game "Team Santa vs Team Grinch again this year on December 30th! We are looking for people to come as:

***Bad guy Team (Team Grinch)***
The Grinch (Grinch team leader) Dave Frye
Max the Grinches Dog(Short Round!)
Heat Mizer (Terry Pidgin)
Cold Miser
Jack Frost -Jillian Meszar
Burgermister Miesterburger
The Bumble (Big Mike? Wookie Costume?) Still waiting
Ghost of Christmas Past - Thomas Wilder

***Good Guys (Team Santa)***
Santa - Taken! Wes
Hanukkah Harry (Ben AKA The Zohan!)) and his Dreidel Bombs
Frosty (Joe pane)
Yukon Cornelius (Team Santa Team Leader)- Tom Courtney
Tiny Tim (Taken!)
Herbie the Misfit Dentist - Melanie !!!! (Dropping Tooth Bombs!)
Charlie Brown (Charlie Oaks)
Any of the Misfit Toys

Other characters may be added if they fit the theme. (Rankin Bass/Traditional Holiday shows) So feel free to send me your ideas.

If you are interested in any of these please send an email to kilroy@citadelairsoft.com and I will give you the costume details/etc. I will add your name to the character once you are confirmed!

I will be posting more details in the event section soon, but its always a blast and fun and a great way to show off your new Airsoft toys.

This game will have objectives for both sides... and they will be every bit as fun and funny as the event!

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Contagion Z Descember 22nd 2012

22 December 2012 - 02:07 AM

Event Price - $30 (No Membership Required)

Its the day after the World Ended.... with a tide of ravenous dead washing forth over the land to end Mans domain over the earth.

Will you and your friends survive?

The rules are simple

Come dressed as a survivor on the run from the horde! (Keep the tactical clothing in the closet!) and you may only use a Pistol or a Shotgun. You will each get 10 bbs and a life tag at the start of the game.

If another player kills you, you must give them your life tag and go join the Zombie horde (There will be roving Zombie Wranglers who will give you further instructions).

Life tags of other players (NOT your own!) may be traded to the arms dealer if you get on his good side... How? Find out in the game! :)

Flashlights! Bring them... but do NOT bring high power flashlights!!! Put something over them to tone them down!

Keep to groups of 5 or less and trust no one!

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