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Airsoft Safety Rules

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Airsoft can be a fun sport, but like many sports, proper safety equipment is required.

Full Face Protection *REQUIRED UNDER 18*
Players under the age of 18 are required by insurance to wear a hard, full face covering, such as a paintball mask that fully protects the eyes, nose, mouth, and face. Airsoft ANSI Z87.1 rated goggles and a metal mesh, or rigid 'Ironface' lower face protection, are allowed as long as both are worn at all times.

Eye Protection *REQUIRED*
Strapped Eye protection is the most important thing you need to play Airsoft, but often players put themselves in danger by wearing insufficient eye protection. Proper eye protection for Airsoft offers a full seal around the eyes. The lenses, at minimum, should be ANSI Z87.1 rated and ideally MIL-DTL-43511D rated. (It requires that goggle lenses can withstand impacts from .22 chisel-point projectiles fired at 560 feet/sec (~167m/sec) without penetrating the lenses.).  If you are wearing the eye-glass style goggles they must be fully sealed with RUBBER to the face (the edge of the lens is not acceptable) and must be strapped to your head, no exceptions.

NO Shooting or Safety Glasses! You must have full-seal goggles; no exceptions.

Covering Exposed Skin *RECOMMENDED*
Covering exposed skin with sturdy clothing such as BDUs, tactical gear, or even a hoodie and sweats goes a long way in helping protect your skin against both the environment and BB welts. We strongly recommend covering sensitive areas such as the head, neck, knuckles, knees, elbows, and other thin-skinned areas, but you should wear long sleeves and long pants as well.

In outdoor Airsoft games, gloves are a good idea. In indoor Airsoft games, they are something that no player should be without. Nothing ruins your day like being shot in the knuckles or a finger tip from 10 feet away. A pair of mechanics-style gloves will cost about $10.00 at most stores and will protect you hands and fingers fairly well. Of course, better gloves cost more money, but they also offer better protection. Like any kind of sports equipment, as you grow into the sport you invest more in equipment, but don’t let that stop you from protecting your hands.

Lower Face Protection *RECOMMENDED*
So, you have a good set of goggles. Your eyes are protected. What about your teeth and your face in general? Having some form of lower face protection is very important when you are playing at a CQB (Close Quarters Battle) facility. You will be having BBs shot at you from 10 feet away (and sometimes less).

There are many kinds of lower face protection, and each has good points. You can wear a Shemagh, a lower face protector like 'The Ironface,' or one of the better mesh lower face protectors.

Running while holding onto a live Airsoft gun can result in you tripping or colliding with another player and causing injuries. The "slow is smooth, smooth is fast" saying has its origins in the military. With that context, the meaning is fairly obvious: moving fast, or rushing it is reckless and will likely get you killed. If you move slowly, carefully, and deliberate, however, you are really moving as fast as you can without needlessly increasing the risk to your life.

Barrel Blockers *REQUIRED*
These must be on, and magazines out when you are off the playing field. No exceptions and every field in New England enforces this. If you don’t have one, we sometimes have them for sale, but so does Walmart, Dicks, and most paintball/airsoft stores. No excuses. You will get a warning, then sent home. Nobody loses an eye in our building.

The FPS limit at The Citadel is 360 FPS using .25 bbs or up to 400 using .20′s. Please note this is a limit and not a goal! a lower FPS is better overall since this is a CQB center.

No Pyrotechnics *REQUIRED*
We do not allow pyrotechnics of any kind in our building (including “cold” pyro). This rule is non-negotiable. Bringing pyrotechnics will result in a player being banned from the building.

Blind Firing *REQUIRED*
Blind firing is not allowed. Its a safety issue and a sportsmanship issue. Blind firing is poking your gun out and shooting without being able to see what you are shooting at. It is also firing in such a way that you offer no target to shoot back at. (Like sticking your gun through a hole). You must always be looking down the barrel of your gun when you are shooting. You must also present some kind of target.

Shooting from behind cover with nothing but your gun sticking out is a safety hazard and frankly not fair to other players. What makes for a good move in a movie is not always good for a game where both sides are supposed to have fun and play fair.

Safety Tape Rules *REQUIRED*
Areas of safety concern will be marked with neon/florescent tape, or labeled “OUT OF PLAY”. These areas are not to be entered or played with. If there are electronic or mechanical things you are allowed to play with they will be marked and your referee will explain this, but otherwise the default is ‘do not touch’.

Safe Shooting *REQUIRED*
Nobody is to shoot over 7ft high in the building if you do so you will sit out a game.  If you shoot at any lights, speakers, fire protection equipment, cameras, or similar things you are done for the day. If our refs see or suspect you hit such things you will pay for their replacement and if you refuse or do a runner you will be prosecuted for vandalism and we will see you in court as well as being banned from The Citadel and probably most fields in New England after we tell them you are a vandal and refuse to cover the damage.  If you go into a buddy's house and break something you offer to pay to fix it, this is common decency.  Remember this is a safety issue and is non negotiable.

Physical Contact *REQUIRED*
You are not allowed to grab or grapple with a player or their Airsoft Gun. Doing so can result in you being asked to leave and further penalties. If a scenario calls for you to “carry” someone you only need to put your hand on their shoulder and walk with them. If you put your hands on anyone in an aggressive manner or to 'fight' them, the police will be called and you will be banned from The Citadel we take this very seriously and safety of our players is paramount.

Close Kills / Safety Kills / Bang-Bang Rule *RECOMMENDED*
Everything is close. If you sneak up on someone and have them point blank (5ft) you can offer a "safety kill / close kill / bang bang" if they accept it by saying "im out" or something similar they are out. If not… Shoot them. You do not have to be cruel about it. Shoot them in the vest or the leg. There is no need to needlessly cause a player pain.

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