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In October!

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A virus like nothing ever seen before rips through the population leaving devastation in death in its wake…

Chaos and death are everywhere as those left standing run for their lives in a directionless quest for safety, food and hope.

But how can you run when death follows you unrelentingly… never growing tired and never stopping consuming all in its path.

Death has an army.

How will you survive?

​ Will you fall the the virus or are you immune?

The Citadel presents its Horror Survival game Contagion Z running Saturday October 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th from 7pm till 10pm

You will be looking for selter and supplies to help you stay alive.
  • Airsoft pistols /shotguns only! 360fps .20g limit
  • Ammo provided but will be very limited!

Only 1 Pistol and or 1 Shotgun will be allowed.

!!!Ammo will be VERY limited!!!

Use your wits and and work together to survive!!!

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