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Outdoor Field is go! How can you help?!?!

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We have completed the permit process and are GO! for Citadel Outdoors in Sutton MA. This will be an outdoor CQB field, not a woodland field. A lot of people have asked us how they can help, and we will need your help to get up and operational as fast as possible.

Mostly we need manpower, and stuff to make this happen. We also need money (like everything in the world). So here are ways you can help.

1. We will be having build/cleanup days in May and early June. Show up, bring some basic tools and we will gladly put you to work! You will get fed, and get other perks from us for helping out including free games and other things for those who go all out! Also if you are a licensed contractor of some sort and are willing to work with us in a cost friendly manner we need you for a few projects! Please please email us!!!

2. We need stuff, tools, building supplies, etc. If you work in the trades and have extra building materials, nails, screws, tools, or other props that would work well on the outdoor field WE NEED IT!!!

3. While I never say no to free money we would prefer you just come and play at the indoor field, buy stuff from us instead of big-box online, and support us that way so you are directly getting something for your hard earned money. If you really want to directly support us we won't say no, and we will hook you up of course but please just come an extra few times to play, or buy some stuff from us!

General Field Info

Location: 100 Worcester-Providence Turnpike, Sutton MA
Size: ~10ac
Hours: Probably Sat/Sun afternoons, and some weekday afternoons during the summer. Winter we will reduce hours but still plan to be open.
Costs: Same as the indoor site.
Shop: We will have a small presence for BBs, Gas, Rental Gear, etc but our main shop will remain at the field in Worcester MA.
Basic Rules: Same as our indoor field with some modifications. BIO BBS ONLY!!!
Special Events: Of course! Milsim, Thematic, and otherwise.
When: Soft Opening in June, Grand Opening shortly after.

We will be building on the old Drive-In site. Our goal is to build between 50-100 shanties/shacks on the site with a few larger 'buildings' as well. The goal is to keep it as re-configurable as possible to keep it fresh. This is a MOUT/CQB/CQC site, not an attempt at a woodland field.

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