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Airsoft Gameplay Rules

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These are the general rules of Airsoft that apply across all games at The Citadel.

Airsoft is an honor game and that extends past just calling your hits. You will treat other players and staff with respect at all times. Profanity strewn rants are not acceptable. Players will respect all referee and staff decisions, this not a democracy.

Calling Your Hits! *REQUIRED*
There is one simple fact in Airsoft, and that is you will get hit no matter how skilled you are. When you are hit call our “Hit! Hit! Hit!” and stop firing your Airsoft gun. Calling your hits is a fundamental part of the sport of Airsoft and nothing will earn you a bad reputation faster than not calling your hits. You are considered “Hit” any time a BB hits your clothing, body or equipment unless you see it with your own eyes as a ricochet.

Most games will not count hits to an active Airsoft gun, (You are using at the time) but the hit will count if the weapon is “slung” or holstered.

Walls and Cracks *REQUIRED*
You are not allowed to shoot over full height walls (over 7ft) or through cracks or poke holes in things to shoot through. Anything that should be a solid wall, is even if there is a gap or crack. Windows to shoot through will be made obvious by green border tape

Grenades and Noise Makers *REQUIRED*
A Grenade is an airsoft device designed to eject BBs like a Tornado or Pro-Arms grenade. When it goes over everyone withing 10′ is hit and if a BB hits you outside 10′ you are also hit. Noise Makers like Thunder-B’s are just there to distract, they do not count as hits. Also HARD COVER (wood/stone) protects against grenades.

Sportsmanship *REQUIRED*
Yelling swears or insults at another player is unacceptable and you will be benched for a game or asked to go home. Same with any other kinds of crappy play designed to demean or pick on other players. This is a game, and its supposed to be fun for everyone.

If there is an emergency of any sort, someone faceplants, glass gets broken somehow, a medical emergency, whatever. All players who see this should yell CEASE FIRE or STOP PLAY, and this should be repeated by EVERY player. Everyone should put on their barrel-bags and let go of their weapons. Players should remain in-place and wait for a restart once game-staff gives the all clear.

Lights/equipment & Doors *REQUIRED*
You are not to turn any lights or equipment on nor off, nor play ‘door games’ with doors. Doors also cannot be kicked open this is a safety risk and can destroy the property.

Moving / building cover *REQUIRED*
You are not to move any object in the field that you have not been instructed to by game staff and watched over by a referee. You cannot ‘fortify’ your cover, or move boxes, pallets, or anything like that. The field may not seem deliberately designed but it is. “Perfect” cover and bunkers are very rare and this is to keep game play moving. Also you are not to ask a staff/ref if something can be moved, if some reconfiguration is allowed they will tell you.

Rubber Knife Kills *REQUIRED*
The question of “Knife Kills” comes up from time to time and the answer is this. You may not “stab” or “slash” another player even if it is a “rubber” knife. You can only “assassinate” someone in the back, not the chest, head, legs, or arms. This is to prevent people from rushing at other players trying to get a “knife kill” and causing problems. You can tap the player with the flat edge of the knife, but be prepared to get shot unless the player is alone. Airsoft is not a video game. On occasion other foam/rubber weapons are permitted but follow the same rules.

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