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Club Rules

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All shooting game participants are required to complete the waiver and are responsible for reading the Club and Airsoft rules before their application is accepted.

Airsoft is open to participants 12+, all participants or their parents must sign a waiver and membership agreement. Also anyone under 16 must be off-site by 9pm or have their ride waiting.

Respect *REQUIRED*
All members must treat each other and the staff with respect at all times on and off the field. This means treating people the way you want to be treated. This means no insults, swearing at each other, or generally treating each other poorly. This is a club and an honor sport, that means conducting yourself honorably at all times. If you find yourself getting frustrated or angry, step outside for a few minutes and clear your head. Violations of this will be dealt with sternly and could end with you being sent home for the day or revocation of your membership for repeat offenders.

Gun-Bag / Tailgating *REQUIRED*
This facility is shared with other businesses in an urban area and the parking lots are in open areas and visible from the streets and other neighborhood businesses. This being said, the usual tailgating that goes on can not be allowed at The Citadel. You are not to hang out at your vehicles and mess with gear.

All gear, and weapons are to come in duffel bags or boxes of some sort. There are no exceptions to this rule and violations may mean a ban from the facility. In addition, wearing your tactical pants and boots is ok, but no military/tactical shirts, vests, helmets, military hats are to be worn outside the building.

What we are doing is perfectly legal but we do not want to deal with complaints from the neighbors or other businesses in our buildings because a band of mercenaries is setting up shop in the parking lot. It is a headache we do not need, do not cause problems for our facility or you will no longer be welcome.

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